Why Online Asian Dating?

If you surf the net much or have ever watched any TV then I am sure you have seen some form of Asian dating services being advertised. Is it because Asian women are just that attractive, or something more? It has to be something pretty substantial for a man to pay thousands of dollars, and wait a prolonged amount of time for the process to clear. In some cases the bride to be can just barely speak enough English to be able to communicate with the man sweeping her off her feet.

I believe the root of this booming business stems from some American men feeling like they were not appreciated in previous relationships. This is understandable considering almost every one of us in America (including myself) take for granted what we have. It is a trend we will likely never get over unless we lose all the little things we have come to feel like we deserve. I can see the value in someone that appreciates the little things in life.

A lack of self esteem in some cases could be a motivating factor. Finally being in control, and choosing someone you desire instead of being picked over can be a liberating experience. While I’m sure this isn’t the reason for everyone I imagine this is a factor in most cases if only in a small way.

One of the biggest reasons people look to Asian dating services is probably for security. While the willingness to commit to a relationship rest solely on the individual it is obviously much harder for someone from a foreign country to simply leave. Without the safety net to fall back on it can be seemingly impossible to just give up. Imagine being thrust into a relationship in Asia with someone with no money to your name. Simply communicating would be a struggle much less navigating through the country trying to make it back to the country you are from. Even worse in their case a lot of the women who come here don’t have relatives with a phone to contact. This is probably a contributing factor to divorce rates for “Asian mail order brides” in America being much lower than average divorce rates here.

It’s really sad that these women have to flee their country for a chance at happiness. It doesn’t seem fair, but it is the world we live in. Much like us they are doing what they feel they need to do to find happiness. Who are we to look down on them for seeking a better life?

If this is something you’re interested in I urge you to do your research. While the process can seem like a business transaction it is far from it. Never forget that this is an individual’s life you are affecting. I personally know couples that went this route, and it was the best thing that ever happened to both of their lives. I also know couples that met this way, and it was a complete train wreck.

Why Using Asian Online Dating Service – Six Reasons That Make Asian Women Appealing to Men

It would seem that Asian online dating service are popping up all over the Internet these past few years. It would seem that men all over the world are starting to recognize women from Asia as ideal partners, considering how easy it is for an Asian online dating service to amass a huge userbase. The qualities that make women from Asia appealing to men are the following:

Exotic Charm and Beauty

Asians have a specific physical look that makes them appealing to men in general, and their petite structure makes them look delicate and fragile, which tends to hide the fact that some asians are actually aggressive and seductive. This contrast makes them even more exciting and thrilling for men who want to be challenged.

Attentive and Caring

In Asia, relationships and connections are valued highly, whether it is familial, romantic or platonic in nature. This makes the needs of a partner paramount for women born in Asia. One glance at the testimonials for most Asian online dating services would prove that Asian women will nurture and care for their partner better than women of other nationalities.

Polite and Respectful

Asians are taught to be polite from the onset of their childhood and as such, they tend to be more mild mannered and composed, which helps them to attract men from all over the world. Asian women value the same for their male partners so it can be very hard to impress them with flashy clothes and lame jokes. Above all, they will value sincerity and friendship more than any physical or material beauty.

Grace and Composure

Asian cultures tend to put emphasis on the beauty of fluid body movements, and women from Asia reflect this with the way they walk and move. They come off as very reserved yet graceful, as if they were performing a rehearsed dance even when doing something as simple as pouring tea from a cup.

Physical Advantages

Aside from Asian culture giving importance to bathing regularly, Asians are genetically designed to smell better. Asians have smaller or less apocrine glands than Caucasians. Apocrine glands are the glands that produce foul odor when people sweat, so their lessened presence in Asians means that they rarely smell bad even when perspiring.

Talented and Skilled

Asia has a rich and unique culture that spans centuries of expansion and assimilation. And as such, Asian children are very creative and artistic. They tend to have a natural love for the performing arts. That is why a lot of Asian artists who migrate to western countries succeed and become popular.

For admirers of Asian women and their many qualities, it is very easy to find the Asian online dating service that is right for you. In fact, other dating sites that were neutral a few years ago are now setting up sister companies or subsections that specialize in featuring Asian men and women, in order to help people from different race and nationalities meet each other and develop lasting friendships and romantic relationships.

Discovering Totally Free Dating Sites

Dating and matchmaking are among the most popular online activities, but many people do not realize that there are many dating services online that are completely, totally free.

How Do Dating Sites Operate?

The typical business model for a dating site involves charging members a monthly subscription fee. Although many claim that you can join for free and search their listings, this is typically an enticement to get you to sign up, even though they are a typical dating site charging monthly subscription fees. Yes, you can join them for free, but you cannot really use them for free.

The Hidden Costs of Dating Sites

The hidden costs are not so hidden, actually. As soon as you try to view some profiles that come up in your search results, or perhaps when you try to contact someone, you will quickly encounter the site’s “Join Now” or “Sign Up” page.

100% Free Dating Sites

The good news is that there are plenty of free dating sites that don’t charge a monthly subscription and don’t charge any hidden fees.

There are free dating sites for countries all over the world from USA and Canada, to UK and Europe including Russia, to Latin America and Asia.

There are even free sites covering particular interest or target niches, such as free Asian and Christian dating sites. I even found a free dating site for nudists. Other popular niches include Latin and Hispanic, African American, Jewish, and transgender dating services.

So before you get enticed into pulling out your credit card, first check out the excellent free dating services that are now available online.